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Bruins complete sweep, advance to stanley cup final

Nhl highlights | hurricanes vs. bruins, game 1 – may 9, 2019

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. hurricanes, game 3 – may 14, 2019

Nhl highlights | hurricanes vs. bruins, game 2 – may 12, 2019

Bruins sweep could be worst thing that happens to them | tim and sid

05/14/19 ecf, gm3: bruins @ hurricanes

Bruins, hurricanes shake hands and salute fans

Nhl highlights | blue jackets vs. bruins, game 5 – may 4, 2019

Boston bruins vs carolina hurricanes | eastern conference final | game 4 | stanley cup 2019 | обзор

05/09/19 ecf, gm1: hurricanes @ bruins

05/16/19 ecf, gm4: bruins @ hurricanes

05/12/19 ecf, gm2: hurricanes @ bruins

05/04/19 second round, gm5: blue jackets @ bruins

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. blue jackets, game 1 - april 25, 2019

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. blue jackets, game 6 – may 6, 2019

Bruins-hurricanes game 1 5/9/19

Bruins' tuukka rask locked in vs. hurricanes | quest for the cup ep. 6 | nbc sports

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. hurricanes, game 4 – may 16, 2019

Patrice bergeron scores two goals for bruins in game 4

Boston bruins 2019 playoff hype

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. blue jackets, game 4 – may 2, 2019

All big hits & scrums from physical game 2 between maple leafs and bruins

Boston bruins most electrifying moments in recent history

Gotta see it: justin williams is furious after bruins score third goal

Hurricanes give fans last salute after handshakes with bruins

Nhl highlights | maple leafs vs. bruins, game 7 - april 23, 2019

Bruins receive prince of wales trophy after sweeping hurricanes

05/02/19 second round, gm4: bruins @ blue jackets

Nhl highlights | bruins vs maple leafs, game 4 – april 17, 2019

Bruins hang on for win, grab 3-0 series lead

03/05/19 condensed game: hurricanes @ bruins

03/27/19 condensed game: rangers @ bruins

Bruins-leafs game 7 4/23/19

04/25/19 second round, gm 1: blue jackets @ bruins

Nhl highlights | blue jackets vs. bruins, game 2 - april 27, 2019

2019 playoff preview - carolina hurricanes vs boston bruins

02/18/19 condensed game: bruins @ sharks

12/29/18 condensed game: bruins @ sabres

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. maple leafs, game 6 – april 21, 2019

Bruins net two quick goals in 3rd, take game 1 of ecf

Bruins rout hurricanes to take 2-0 lead in ecf

05/06/19 second round, gm6: bruins @ blue jackets

02/28/19 condensed game: lightning @ bruins

Marcus johansson and david backes score as bruins pull away in game 6

Tuukka rask on staying sharp during bruins long layoff before stanley cup

02/23/19 condensed game: bruins @ blues

Nhl highlights | bruins vs. blue jackets, game 3 - april 30, 2019

Nhl highlights | maple leafs vs bruins, game 2 – apr 13, 2019

Bruins eliminate maple leafs with 5-1 win in game 7

Bruins advance to ecf with 3-0 win in game 6

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