Charles Widmore In Lost

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Lost: ben kills widmore [6x16-what they died for]

Lost - desmond and charles widmore

Lost 409 - ben & charles widmore

John locke vs. young widmore [nice to meet you!]

Lost: widmore's exile [5x12-dead is dead]

Lost: mib/locke and widmore [6x10-the package]

Lost 6x07 dr linus clip #4 - widmore in a sub

Ben confronts widmore

Lost: sawyer and widmore [6x08-recon]

Charles widmore on live together die alone

Lost: the smoke monster attacks widmore's camp [6x14-the candidate]

Lost - timeline flahsback: ben meets widmore

Lost: widmore's right hand man [6x11-happily ever after]

Lost: widmore threatens to kill kate [6x14-the candidate]

Lost (4x09) - benjamin linus x charles widmore

Lost 5x03 jughead clip #3 - widmore arrives back in camp

Lost: widmore and eloise hawking meet up outside the hospital ˙[5x14 - the variable]

Lost 5x12 dead is dead clip #1 - widmore confronts richard

Lost - locke meets horace

Lost: widmore's team fires rockets towards locke/mib's group [6x13-the last recruit]

Lost 6x10 - mib / flocke and widmore scene

Lost - what does widmore whisper? ("what they died for", season 6)

Lost - sun schemes with widmore

Lost 5x15 follow the leader clip #4 - richard tells jate about widmore

Lost 5x03 jughead clip #4 - locke walks into camp

Desmond meets widmore (lost season 3 episode 8 ) mccutcheon whiskey

Lost 5x15 follow the leader clip #1 - widmore brings jate into camp

Lost: desmond is back on the island [6x11-happily ever after]

Lost 409 ben & widmore key scene

Lost 5x11 - alpert is warned to tak to ellie and charles widmore

Lost 5x12 dead is dead clip #2 - ben brings alex back to camp

Lost: eloise persuades dan to accept widmore's offer [5x14 - the variable

Charles widmore in

Lost morphs - charles widmore

Mike francesa confronts charles widmore

Lost - widmore mystery

Lost - desmond's journey

Lost - charles widmore's whereabouts

Lost - perdidos - desmond, widmore y el whiskey mccutcheon

Charles widmore - the untold story

Lost- widmore flashback (parody)

Charles widmore music themes

Lost season 5 episode 12 - ben faces penelope (hq)

Lost: charles widmore's secret

Black ops: 115-9 charles widmore

Charles widmore - dirty old man

Lost unofficial soundtrack: 6x16 ''what they died for'': charles widmore's death

Alan dale (actor - charles widmore lost) - autograph collection freeze

Moskau widmore

Mr. widmore

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