Gas Pipeline Canada

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$40b natural gas pipeline in northern b.c. gets go-ahead

Canada's kinder morgan pipeline explained

The pipeline that's divided western canada

Transcanada — gas pipeline construction

U.s. judge halts keystone xl pipeline leaving canada's oil sector frustrated

Driving the pipeline protest straight to trudeau | the weekly with wendy mesley

Canada's pipeline problems explained

Oil production far exceeds existing pipeline capacity

Transcanada — keystone xl pipeline construction video

Pipeline politics: ottawa pledges $1.6b for oil and gas industry

Strength of canadian pipeline regulations

Animated map of the major oil and gas pipelines in the us

Anti-pipeline protesters defy eviction order in b.c.

Trans canada pipeline (1958)

America says no to canadian oil pipeline

Natural gas to warm canada - big inch pipeline will supply cheap fuel from alberta - no sound

Federal government announces 'first steps' to revive trans mountain pipeline project

How to stop an oil and gas pipeline: the unist'ot'en camp resistance | aj+ docs

Canada oil pipeline plans faces opposition

Us-canada oil pipeline - water source threatened

Canada should concentrate on shipping its oil south, not east

Enbridge preventative pipeline maintenance

Canada's controversial 'oil sands' pipeline project

Proposed $12 billion cross-canada pipeline

Canada's pipelines: a story of canadian accomplishment

Q&a on trans mountain, pipeline opposition and growth of canada's oil industry

What does oil and natural gas mean to canada?

B.c. reacts to neb approval of trans mountain pipeline expansion

How oil is made for the keystone xl pipeline

Oil pipeline cuts through canada

Extracting oil sands for the keystone xl pipeline

Man who filmed b.c. pipeline fire says it’s a ‘wake up call’

'crazy' idea helps transcanada set north american pig run record

Transcanada and keystone xl : the money pipeline - the fifth estate

First nations debate the kinder morgan pipeline

The cost of pipeline constraints in canada

Transcanada scraps energy east pipeline project | sunday scrum

The big picture on canada's pipeline future - the exchange - nov. 10

Canada-us pipeline project meets resistance

Pipeline politics split b.c. and alberta

Transcanada — energy east pipeline — project announcement news conference

Tar sands pipeline plan renews energy vs. environment debate

Transcanada — pipeline safety — c-fer technologies leak detection project

Huge alberta pipeline spill

Union gas pipeline installation

Trudeau says trans mountain pipeline will be built

Keystone pipeline controversy explained

Say no to the keystone xl tar sands oil pipeline

Turkmen section of trans-afghanistan gas pipeline completed - target

Energy east pipeline — ask the experts — how is a gas pipeline converted to oil transportation?

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