Information Theory Workshop 2005

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The integrated information theory of consciousness

Ita 2012 talk - information theory in an industrial lab

Information theory today: ece lecturer series

Michelle effros | shannon's channel and capacity

Panel: new perspectives for information theory

Raymond w. yeung: facets of entropy

Isit 2018 - shannon awardee interview - gottfried ungerboeck

Unit 13: quantum information, lecture 1 | mit 6.050j information and entropy, spring 2008

Compressed sensing meets information theory

Robert m. gray: source coding and simulation

Don briddell on field structure theory

Abraham hicks: pained by government atrocity 2004-05-03 philadelphia, pa workshop

E. dudas - string and field theory landscape (bw2005)

Christof koch on consciousness and integrated information theory

John mccarthy, on philosophy of ai (mini symposium philosophy of information)

Physics ∩ ml workshop (day 1): short talks

Understanding consciousness | christof koch

Gregory chaitin lecture mälardalen university 2005 pt 3

Quantum simulations and tensor networks in condensed matter and high energy physics

D-wave - natural quantum computation (google workshop on quantum biology)